Louie & Marianne's trip across the country travel blog

Driving in Nebraska

The road into the Niobrara River & Fort Smith Falls Camp

The Old Bridge crossing the Niobrara

Walk to the Falls

Showering in the Falls!

Yikes! That's cold!

The Niobrara

Floating down the river & under the bridge....Ewww, why do I look...

Huge Cottonwoods!

Our beautiful state roads! Next time you go somewhere, ditch the interstates...


Up and at 'em, having our coffee and walking the pups on the beautiful lake under the Cottonwoods and off we head for Nebraska! We were in Nebraska in no time and headed up Nebraska 14 towards Clay Center where we would head East on NE 6 to North on NE 281. At 281, we would pick up NE 2 and head northeast across the state.

NE 2 is know as the Sand Hills Scenic Byway. As with Kansas I found Nebraska gorgeous! Nothing like I had imagined - think flat feilds of corn as far as the eye could see. But alas...again I was wrong. The Sand Hills are magnificent. Rolling green hills, beautiful peaceful roads, and not a car as far as the eye can see! We followed 2 northwest through Broken Bow heading west for Thedford where we would pick up NE 83 and head for Valentine.

Once again we made a quick change in plans and headed east on the Outlaw Trail for Smith Falls, SP and camp along the Niobrara River. The drive into the park was beautiful. Once we arrived at the park and found our spot, we hiked into the woods. We hiked up to Smith Falls where Louie proceed to have a wonderful shower under the falls! That mountain water is too cold for this kid! I waited and unitl we got in the river and I floated down the river back to our campsite where these two old outlaws sat backed, relaxed, downed a few cold ones and watched the river go by!

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