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On the water at Sisters Lake

Getting ready to catch another big fish

What could be better than this?

The water is so clear

A good reading spot

Two Sisters

Yesterday we had leftover grilled lamb patties with eggs for a late leisurely breakfast.

Needless to say, I am bitten by the fishing bug, and Nancy likes sitting in the canoe, reading her book, and watching all the action. So our plan for the day is to take the canoe over to a lake that I fished many years ago with my dad and old school buddy, David Mackenzie, the very same Dave who turned us on to the great fishing spot where I caught ole Mo the other day.

The Solunar Tables called for a major to occur between 12:30PM and 2:30PM today so we took our time getting up and out. It was about a half hour drive over to the lake through very green forests and under blue skies with billowing white clouds. The temperatures are unseasonably low; the high of the day is forecast to be only 74. That happens to be perfect in our book.

We got to the lake without any fuss and launched ‘the Nancy Gail’ easily. Two Sisters Lake is another of the spring fed lakes and is therefore crystal clear. We paddled all the way across the lake, through the narrow channel that joins the two sisters and over to a sandy point where I had experienced much luck over 14 years ago.

I tied off the canoe in the sandy shallows to some bushes and let the gentle breezes push the boat to the deep water at the edge of the bar. From here I was able to work the area pretty well with my new 6 LB test and some new crawlers. We stopped at a small sporting goods store in Woodruff on the way and had new line put on my spool. I am pretty sure the old line has given all it can after dragging that Muskie all over the place the other day.

In the store we went into there was a very large stuffed Muskie on the wall. The printed stats were, 52 inch, 56 pound Muskie caught on some lake years ago. Nancy, in her cute new pink hat says to the lady, “My husband caught a fish yesterday almost as big as that one; they look almost the same size”. The lady replied without enthusiasm, “that’s nice”. Later when we talked it over, we decided the lady didn’t believe Nancy.

It was a fantastic day to be out paddling. Deep blue lake colors were highlighted by blue sky and even more white clouds.

Nancy languished in the sun reading her book while I fished through the two hours of the major sequence. I did catch four small fish, none of them the ‘keeper’ I was looking for to compliment our dinner planned for this evening.

The breeze was starting to pick up and those white billowing clouds of earlier were now stacking up, gaining height, and getting very dark at their bases. With a good 30 minute brisk paddle between us and our put in point, we thought it was a good time to head for home.

The breeze that was getting brisker by the minute suddenly died in the middle of the lake. Bummer, it had been assisting us so nicely in our paddle across the lake. The clouds were getting a little more ominous looking but we had plenty of time to make shore in the captain’s opinion. After all, no rain was forecast until Friday night.

We did make shore with no issues. As we loaded up the canoe a larger group of people were gathering at the little beach, setting up to have a good time. They were even busy installing a volleyball net in waist deep water for future fun in the sun. Two guys were fumbling with the ends, until a lady came and started directing them while another gal read the instructions from their patio boat.

When we launched the boat we were the only car in the lot, now the place was filled with sunbathers and two big boatloads of partying adults. Too bad there was a storm blowing up. But they don’t last long, so no biggie, I guess.

Shortly after we arrived back at camp, the storm did blow in. We had a good half hour of rain and a little thunder and lightning. It was another great day in the Northwoods!

We had the last of the left over pasta sauce with some garlic bread for dinner. Tomorrow we plan on doing another fish fry (are we crazy?) at a funky place called the Black Bear. They not only have a popular fish fry but live music also. The place is into the Blues, so we shall see what’s up with dat!

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