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8th August

So, the hot wind of yesterday has gone with the sunshine and we’re back to rain – can’t believe how much we’ve had. We delayed our start and set off through the most drop dead gorgeous scenery to date. This involved climbing a serious hill to get the legs going at the start of the day but then we were rewarded by going downhill for miles through a really steep sided gorge and out into a lush valley. It was a working area though with metal works at intervals rather than being kept pristine for the tourists. That’s one thing I’ve noticed that other countries still make things.

Started to rain again as we were passing yet another spa at Dobrna so we thought we might as well get really wet. It was nice, but a bit swimming pooly after the Hungarian ones – I suppose I could do an alternate blog – ‘the best spa’s across central Europe’.

Camping again tonight at Velenje which, on reflection, is possibly not a good idea as it has been throwing it down with rain all evening, the camp site bar doesn’t do food and Dave has developed a dicky tummy.

10th August

Had a good couple of days. Yesterday decided to have a light day in view of Dave’s tummy. We followed the recommended bike route along to the Menina camp which was recommended to us by the cycle shop guy where Dave purchased new tyres – fancy wearing your tyres out. It was a great place which would be fantastic as a base for people of all ages there was such a lot to do. There were numerous Dutch people there, who came every year – what does Holland do without it’s population in the summer that are spread across the camp sites of Europe? There can be no one left in Holland. Met an English guy on his motorbike who was touring round but ended up staying for 2 weeks.

We went up the cable car and walked around the top at the Golte ski area. They are building a new hotel there but the skiing looks fairly limited. It was great because we just missed the lift down so had to sit still in the sunshine and wait an hour for the next one, so Dave was forced to relax. The down side was that they were playing really cheesy, loud ski music and we were the only ones there!!

Hey this is weird. On the 8th I had looked at the odometer and noticed that is read 3333.33 miles and thought that was cool. The next day Dave asked me if I had zeroed it and I realised that it was still set at the same mileage so I still had all the 3’s showing. Only the previous evening I had started the book ‘Eat Pray Love’ and she begins by talking about the number 3 being the most balanced number. Is this a sign do you think that I am now perfectly balanced??

Today we have trundled on a little bit further (doing Slovenia very slowly as only need to be at Isola by the 20th and it is very beautiful). Cycled along the Gornji Grad (valley) which has the largest Cathedral in Slovenia at it’s centre. We cycled along and heard the bell ringing at the small chapel at the top of the mountain and the thought came that you needed to be very devout to go to many of the churches around here as lots are at the top of mountains.

It was all very beautiful – that’s almost a problem here. In all the other countries there have been picturesque vistas but interspersed with a certain grittiness and yes, ugliness that made you appreciate it. Here, its pretty all the way with hardly a break at all and we are among tourists rather than being unusual for being a tourist.

Ended the day after only 25 miles- mind you a third of those were uphill at really pretty town of Kamnik. They have a festival on and earlier we watched children making a drum out a car – they were doing a really good rythym although I did wonder about the validity of teaching kids to bang on cars, can’t think dad will be too happy when he comes home to find junior banging on his new BMW.

Now going to get my bike from the bike shop here – the left brake doesn’t work at all well and there is a group playing.

12th August

The group turned out to be so good that we bought a cd! We’ll be able to annoy Neill with it on the boat as it’s the only cd we have.

Spoke to a couple of really nice French lads on the site. How is this for being unlucky? He was walking along through the mountains when they heard a noise from a tree and a branch fell, hit his back and then onto his ankle and he ended up at hospital. Put an end to their hiking. Luckily they did have a car.

We are now in Ljubljana. It’s disturbing really because we came about 5 years ago and I can’t remember it at all, despite being really beautiful. It was March though, there was no one around and the numerous street cafes hadn’t opened their doors yet. So looks a bit different in the warm sunshine. The last time we stayed at a cool hostel called Celica which was a prison and you get a cell for your room. We enquired again but they want £60 a night and you still have to share a bathroom. We thought that was taking the micky a bit so we are in student halls – not as cool but just as comfortable.

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