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Dubai is HOT! Everyone told us it would be really hot but this is incredible! We had a really rough night getting here. Our flight left Zanzibar at 6pm and we arrived in Dubai at 5am!! It was exhausting to say the least. We had a stop over in Nairobi that was just painful! We really haven't stayed up much later than 11pm on most nights since we've been so busy and usually have to wake up pretty early. Also there really hasn't been much nightlife in Africa that we needed to check out. Anyway - at the Nairobi airport the cross over was awful! The transfers desk couldn't print the boarding passes so he insisted on checking everyone in first and then made us wait another hour before he went down and picked up the passes! From there we got on an incredible Boeing 777 Emirates airline to fly to Dubai. The flight was 5 hours and we tried to sleep but neither of us got much rest. When we finally got to the Dubai airport we got in line for customs but after we waited 15 minutes in line they told us we had to go to another line first to get our eyes scanned and then had to come back to the customs! It was about a 1.5hr ordeal! Luckily our bags were waiting on the conveyor belt when we got out.

When we finally got to the hotel we decided to sleep for another 2hrs to give us some actual rest for the day. We decided to do a hop on hop off bus tour around Dubai which took us to all the main sites. We did most of the malls and the city areas yesterday since it's Ramadan here everything is closed on Friday's until 4pm. In the city tour we saw the Dubai museum, the gold souk, a mall or two and we saw all the towers from the bus. That night we made reservations at a restaurant called the Buddha Bar and it was pretty incredible. We weren't overly hungry but the food was really good!

Today we're off to see the rest of the towers and hopefully go up the big one the Burj Khalifa. We might add some more pictures to the rest of our posts since we have access to an actual computer here.


Warren & Laura

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