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Boquete is a town located in a mountain valley with a beautiful river running through it. This town has been listed as one of the best places in the world to retire because of it's low cost of living, outdoor beauty, and great weather. I had the opportunity to try horseback riding for the first time and it was amazing. My horse was pretty big and certainly had a bit more spirit than the other horses in the group. At first I must admit it was a bit intimidating getting on this large animal but I soon got the hang of riding and had no trouble riding through the sometimes hilly rough terrain. Boquete is certainly a scenic place so I was really happy to have tried horseback riding here. Boquete is also known for white water rafting and even though I didn't have the opportunity to do that and horseback riding I was told that it was an amazing place to do it. Pictures of Boquete can be found here.

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