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Charlie and Bonnie on Cabot Trail

Jen on Cabot Trail

Cabot Trail

Jen and Bonnie on Cabot Trail

Cracked rock that was later filled w/volcanic lava, Cabot Trail

Angry Waves, Cabot Trail

Cabot Trail

Jen and Bonnie on Cabot Trail

View from the AG Bell Museum on Bras d'Or Lake

Jen at the AG Bell Museum

AG Bell Museum, phones

We took in a Ceilidh (KayLee)

Ceilidh Step Dance, much more collected and relaxed than Irish Dance

As we drove east toward Baddeck we noticed the air smells of Christmas trees, everywhere! The other funny thing we noticed is that the McDonalds in the area are advertising McLobster! The terrain is so beautiful - rolling green hills w/wildflowers 3' tall on the road side.

As we drove the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton we saw rugged coastline with mountains, covered in pine and aspen, shooting straight up from the water. The high cliffs take a beating from an angry Atlantic ocean. There were lakes and bogs and rivers carving deeper into the valleys. There is evidence of glaciers that once dominated and shaped this area leaving rocky moraines behind. We drove up and down all day rewarded with different views of this little paradise. We had an overcast, sometimes drizzly day to see the trail, but it was still amazing. We searched for whale that frequent this area, but saw none.

Back in Baddeck, we visited the Alexander Graham Bell museum. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, he became a US citizen and lived briefly in NY and D.C. He and his wife Mabel were happiest in Baddeck where they built a summer home (castle) high on the hill overlooking Bras d'Or Lake. The home still stands and is still in the family. While no one lives there they use it for special occasions. While he is best known for inventing the telephone, his life calling was to work with the deaf. His mother steadily lost her hearing and his wife was once his student, completely deaf. He also helped Helen Keller learn to communicate! Other interests included hearing aids, x-ray, he is credited with the 1st Canadian airplane flight and even built the first hydrodome (boat that lifts out of the water to go very fast). Quite a man!

We also attended a Ceilidh, which is a Cape Breton concert with guitar and fiddle, some songs in Gaelic and step dancing. Meet Donny and Anita, our entertainers for the evening in the pictures.

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