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Carpe at Smoky Hollow Campground
A very tight unlevel site (note boards under...

Well, we're finally out of Door County. We drove just shy of 200 miles from Egg Harbor to Lodi, Wisconsin. It was a lovely day's drive with beautiful weather and little traffic. Our route included WI 42, WI 57, US 151, US 60, and finally some pretty narrow county roads. We almost ended up in the middle of a parade, but the sheriff made us turn off the parade route (grumble, grumble).

We booked into Smokey Hollow RV "Resort", another "destination park" in Lodi, Wisconsin. Lodi is a small town about twenty miles north of Madison. We figured we'd spend the nights before the rally in an RV park so we could top off our water tanks and give the waste tanks a good flushing.

We arrived after noon and the weekenders were heading out. The line at the lone dump station (one dump station for several hundred sites) was long. Fortunately, we'd dumped prior to leaving Egg Harbor, so we proceeded to our "big rig friendly site". Well, these folks idea of a "big rig" must be a pop-up tent trailer. We finally shoe horned Carpe into our site, but it was work. The site was so uneven that once we got the rig leveled the front tires were a good six to eight inches off the ground.

We awoke Monday, expecting a quiet day. Alas, this "resort destination" became a day camp during the weekdays. So, instead of peaceful days without the weekend hoard of screaming urchins, we were treated to the weekday hoard.

In short, not our best camping experience. Odds of us staying here again... About the same as Obama admitting he's not the brightest bulb on the marquee.

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