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What can one say about Merida. Well the heat is unbearable. Last night I was fonally able to fall asleep when I moved from the bed to the hammock, as everywhere my body touched the sheets was just covered with sweat. I also had to drencg my pajamas in water until I finally fell asleep about 2 am.

Yesterday I went to Chichen Itza Mexicoçs most famour and over rated archeological sote. It is noce, but mot more so than other sights that I have visited. If course though it is more than 3 times the price and hassle of the other sights as well. I swated profusely for 3 hours. I took a tour and met an interesting Mexican couple with whom i practoced my Spanish with for 3 hours. That definetely made the experience worthwhile. Other than that I have just been walking about time. I hung out with this Dutch girl for a couple of days. I was really jealous of her because her English is great and so is her Spanish.

amyway, this evening I am off to Puebla. O leave at 6 and get there tomorrow afternoon at about 4. I have already reserved a room so I wonçt have to go through this hassle there.

Sorry about my spelling. The letters are rubbed off half the keys and punctuation amd other marks are not where they are supposed to be.

Until next time.

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