Dave & Ann are headed to Alaska!!! travel blog

Common view of our days travel.....road goes on forever...

Typical going through the hills

Hey!...It's a roundup! Git along little doggies!!!

Wow! Real Cowboys! In Utah....


Sevier (dry) Lake

Sneaker Tree

Sneaker Tree

Travel day....

Left Tonamah, Nevada this morning and drove across high desert all day. Across a wide expanse of desert, over some mountains or hills, and repeat. Interesting and pretty but it could get old after a while. I'm not burned out on it yet since it is so new to me. Amazing to go so far and see so few other vehicles. We're taking the "road less traveled"! Saw a few horses in the distance...not sure if they're wild or just out on the range. Saw some cattle...but not a lot...and mostly in the distance....and seemed to be near nothing... A couple cowboys had a small herd moving through the sage brush near the road. We were good tourists and stopped to take pics! They probably mutter....

We also came by Sevier Lake which is a dry lake. Looked like white salt for a bottom but the lady at the campground told me its sand. In contrast to that, there was an area nearby where there was water on the desert. Same lady told me that it is from excess water this year. They manage the area with dams....

Then...just south of Hinkley, which is right next door to Delta, we came across a sneaker tree out in the middle of nowhere. I've seen 'em hanging from phone lines in town and always thought they had to do with availability of drugs in the area. But never have we seen this before!

We're in Antelope Valley RV Park for the night. First one we saw as we came into town and it looked nice and we were ready to stop. Laundry is done. Trying to get a new Tracfone on line....waited 1/2 hour for customer service....got started but found I couldn't be calling from old phone to complete process. Afraid I lost it and said some things I probably shouldn't have....will try again in the AM when it and I am cooler.

Gonna pound on this for a while and then go to bed....

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