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My Brother Teppo with my travel companions

One word...YUM! (This one's for you, Kylie)

Paying respect to my maternal grandparents

Ok-today I said goodbye to Teppo & Rauni in Hyvinkää & flew to Ivalo and said hello to my cousin, Pasi. He then drove me to Inari. I spent the afternoon in the Siida Museum which is a Saami (Lapp) museum & nature centre. As my maternal grandmother was indeginous, my siblings and myself, as my cousin are quarter indeginous so I was interested to see how our forefathers/mothers lived & excisted in this beautiful yet harsh environment.

As it doesn't get dark in the evening we went to 'Kalsuranta' my mother's birth place and childhood home, where I tasted some of the best strawberries EVER from Pasi & Anne's garden! Then paid our respects to our grandparents.

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