Gina, Myleah, Kent, Rebecca and Dave



Kent with Myleah

Rebecca at the 15th hole "Phone Booth"

Our 15th hole "Phone Booth"

Our 15th hole "Phone Booth"

The "Ball Picker"

Wow, can it ever pick them up.

It's an old machine, but new to our facility

THANK YOU to all those of you who are so faithful visitors to our little travel JOURNAL. We know some of you are living your travel dreams vicariously through us while you make your own RV travel plans of the future. Each time we check into our journal for messages and and updates we also check our meter that counts visits. Our number of visits have just gone through the roof as of late. The bar graph furnished by My Trip Journal looks like the New York city skyline! Before April and the nice article in Good Sam magazine about our journal, etc, we were getting about 300 - 500 hits per month. Now we are experiencing around 40+ per day! When pencil is put to paper and my third grade math skills come to light, that is about 1200 + visits for the month. WOW ! !

Right now we wish we had some exciting travels and touring to show you but that will come in about a month and a half when we depart LIKELY PLACE GOLF COURSE. In the mean time, we beg your patience while we stay put, work and log visits from friends and family here. Such as this one.

This past weekend, we were favored with the visit of our middle son Kent and his family, Gina and Myleah. They live and work in the Reno/Sparks, NV area. The drive for them was a short and scenic 3 hour drive after work on Friday. After arriving we got them settled by setting up their tent, getting the lowdown on arrangements. We all, 5 of us, piled onto the golf cart for a tour of the property. We showed them the golf course, RV park, club house and of course our 15th hole "phone booth". Next day (Saturday), Kent and Dave went out for 18 holes while the gals went for a hike on the new Nature Trail discovering animals and birds along the way. The ladies saw deer, owls, hawks, sandhill cranes, rabbits, squirrels, ducks of many kinds and more. Sunday came with a flurry of activity at the club house and more than 80 people signing up for the Likely Firemans Golf Tournament. As we waded through the sea of humanity to find the cafe and order our breakfasts, darn if we weren't surprised to find Jerry and Mariana, Gina's dad and fiance', waiting for us! They drove up from Carson City to see us, them and find out what all the "hubb-bubb" was about this place. After the descumpilious breakfast at the clubhouse Jerry and Mariana departed, we left the property to find Mill Creek Falls and Blue Lake. Kent, Gina and Myleah weren't disappointed in seeing these features of local lore. When we returned to Likely Place in the early afternoon, they packed their Ford Escape and went back to their busy lives in the city.

Has Dave mentioned to you that he performs one of his "bucket list" items each week! Yes, it wouldn't be possible without working here, but he drives the "ball picker" on the driving range at least 1 time each week. It's fun and he doesn't get hit too often by golfers who "try" to hit a moving target.

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