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Our road sign for the day

East Point Lighthouse

Hillborough Eco-Center

Video at Greenwich

Movie on floor

Movie on screen

Moving dunes

North Atlantic

Road construction

He's EVERYwhere!

Tuna capital of the world

Read the sign!

Fish and chips

Good food served here.

Windy day at the point

Rain this morning made it very difficult to get motivated to leave. So we had bacon, eggs, and toast before we dressed and ventured out. Today's plan was to drive the Points East Coastal route.

Our first stop was at the Hillborough Eco-Center.

Good info about the river's ecosystem.

Next we drove to Greenwich to visit the Greenwich Interpretive Center which was outstanding. The first video was produced by the Canadian Parks;

even tho it was a promo piece, we did learn some interesting facts. Did you know that Canada has the most coastline of any country in the world? It also borders three oceans - a fact I'd never considered before! To give you some perspective, the US has about 20,000 kilometers of coastline and Canada has over 200,000!! And plus that there's coastline along the Great Lakes! Wow! And a scientist in the film stated that we have decimated 90% of the big fish species; what we fish for now is only 10% of the big fish species that have existed. The movie was excellent. It projected not only on the screen but also on the floor;

we were upstairs, looking down at the floor. Greenwich is known for its parabolic dunes.

What followed was a long drive - 50 kilometers or so - along the coast with nothing much to see except the rain - and the road construction!

We figured maybe the rain was a good time for them to work on resurfacing since they wouldn't have to use trucks to wet down the road!

North Lake Harbor - the tuna capital of the world!

Can you believe it?? We stopped at the only restaurant in the area, expecting tuna.

Surprise! the waitress said the buyers are there waiting for the boats to come in and they purchase the fish right then. None of it stays local. So we had fish and chips (fresh haddock caught locally) that was delicious.

Since Julie told me the mussels here were outstanding (even tho I don't like them), I had the seafood chowder which contained 1 mussel (shell and all), 1 large shrimp, 1 scallop, and lots of crab. It was good but I still don't like mussels!!

After lunch we made it to the East Point Lighthouse. In addition to the rain, the wind was fierce! We got pics but didn't attempt to climb to the top.

Driving to Elmire, we planned to stop at the Railway Museum but it was already closed, as was the Basin Head Fisheries Museum. So we headed home in the rain. We didn't get to see everything we'd planned to, but the weather was lousy so home was a great option!

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