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restored side of Mills Mansion

side that looks over the river

stree side of the Vanderbilt Estate

north side of mansion

side that looks over the river

looking up river from the Vanderbilt Estate

band on stage, 105 glee club alumni ready to proceed to stage

concert at sunset

sunset on the Hudson from West Point - edge of Bear Mountain

Mom and I had tickets to go see Godspell at the Rhinebeck Performing Arts Center. I just remember the song "Day by Day" from it but was ready for a good musical about the life of Jesus Christ. Well, it was a musical alright, but not what I expected. They seemed to make fun of the parables, but at least they told the parables correctly. We weren't impressed and left at the intermission!

We drove south a bit and stopped at the Mills Mansion, a NYS Historic Site, and then the Vanderbilt Estate, a National Historic Site. Mom and Dad used to drive to those places to see the Christmas lights and even the rooms with Christmas trees and decorations on display. Now, the buildings are in need of repair. I think we got to those houses too late to tour the inside, but it could be that they aren't open to the public like they used to be. Mr. Olan Mills was a noted financier and philanthropist who married Ruth Livingston, a descendent of the great landowner of the middle Hudson Valley. Well, Ruth commissioned people to build the estate to be the grandest of the area. An addition was added when she determined the estate wasn't grand enough for her distinguished guests! The Vanderbilt Mansion was built a little later, during the Gilded Age, by Frederick Vanderbilt, a bigshot in the railroads of the area.

We topped off the day by going down to Westpoint and listening to the West Point Band and Alumni Glee Club perform patriotic songs, while overlooking the Hudson River. This was great but such a long drive for a concert that lasts only an hour! There will be other concerts here - we shall see if we go again!

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