Kia Shnette 2010 travel blog

I spent only one night in Palenque. I went to see the ruins there. My first Maya ruins. They were pretty cool. Currently I am staying at Nomadas Hostal, but they only have dorms available. Yuck! If I can}t get a single tomorrow I am moving. It is hot and humid in there. There are beds for 32 girls plus hammocks. I really am disgusted at that type of communal living at this point.

In other news my camera has dried out and is in as good of shape as can be expected. It still takes pictures most of the time, but zooms in and out whenever it wants to. If I zoom it back to where I want, it just goes back to where it wants to be or won}t allow me to take a picture. Also, it arbitrarily decides whether I can turn my flash on and off, check my photos, set the time or change any parameters on my camera whatsoever. All things being equal. It worked quite well, the rice I mean.

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