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I arrive in Tupelo early because I have no air conditioning and it has been getting up to 115 (heat index) so I have to travel in the morning. I go to 3 different places to get my air conditioner looked at. Finally at the 3rd place he tells me it just needs free-on...it'll be about 30 bucks. Well, nothing on Leonardo has ever been 30 bucks so I didn't get my hopes up. Then he's pumping it in and the air is blowing colder and colder! It felt so good. I was on cloud 9...so happy. And then he finishes and closes the hood and I go to pay and BOOM...hhhhhhiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssss. All of it was coming out. I had blown the compressor. So...it went from 30 bucks to $1100. Needless to say...I did not get my air conditioner fixed. Oh well, there's worse things than not having air conditioning...even if you do live in Mississippi.

Later that night, me, mom and Nat went to see the last Harry Potter! It was so good! I cried. Surprise, surprise.

And mom and dad gave me my b-day present - emergency supplies for camping. Lol. Momma wanted to get me a flare gun but I wouldn't let her!

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