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Vanessa, Rhi, and Chris at the Zoo

Chris's birthday - he turns 5

Grand-ma and Rhi at the aquarium in the Zoo

We came for the Grand Kids.

We experience computer problems again Monday so we do not get a base pass on Monday. Travis County computers were down. We do get the registration receipt on Tuesday and get a base pass on Tuesday.

On Monday, the 1st of August, we went to the Zoo at Point Definace. Most of the time we went to Vanessa's & Lee's house where we played with the kids while Vanessa could get some work done around the house or go to appointments.

We determined that Lee would come in fairly close to when we were suppose to leave, so we decided to stay longer. So we will take Vanessa and the grand-kids to Astoria and around southern Washington State for a week and return to the same camp.

Weather is still real nice here. About 75 in afternoon most of the time, however it was not higher than 70 on Friday. I was cold. Sooo much better than the 105's in Austin.

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