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After San Jose my new group took a bus ride to Puerto Viejo which is an amazing scenic village surrounded by white and black sand beaches. I ended up renting a bicycle with a couple of people and rode down to Manzanillo. It was quite a relaxing bike ride and was a nice change of pace from the long bus ride. I also spent some time at a sloth sanctuary which was really cool. They had everything from howler monkeys to sloths and it was amazing. At one point in the sanctuary you can actually go in one of the areas with tons of monkeys and they end up climbing all over you. These monkeys are amazing climbers and were really cute. Pictures for the town and the sanctuary can be found here. Another well known tourist spot in Puerto Viejo is a restaurant called Bread and Chocolate. This restaurant makes absolutely amazing food and treats. Most people in my group including myself ended up going here at least two or three times in the two days that we were was really that good. All in all, I wish I had more time here as they have amazing surf beaches here and the town has a very nice laid back atmosphere.

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