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Chef Jim Judges Sarlat Market Food

Before The Crowds Arrived (Lucy Smiling In Lower Right)

A Long View Of The Market

A Gypsy Band Entertains On A Side Street

A Hidden Sarlat View

We Prepare Our Baked Camembert Lunch

August 3, 2011

While still threatening, the rain stayed away for our trip to Sarlat’s Wednesday market, a smaller one than last Saturday’s but more focused on food: local produce, Foie Gras, duck everything or everything duck, pink garlic, walnuts, sausage, cheese…you name it. We convoyed in early to avoid the crowds and parked near the beginning of the market. Chef Jim showed us his booth recommendations and related stories about some of the local flavour and characters.

We split up after a pass through and Brenda and I ventured up to some of the commercial shops that had been closed last Sunday. During our stroll we heard the strains of a gypsy violin and upon investigation, discovered a most excellent gypsy band of older men playing fantastic music (of course we bought the CD). Brenda headed out on a mission to find bread and vegetables for our dinner that evening. By the time we met up at our rendezvous point, the crowd had swelled enormously and clawing our way back to the cars was a challenge reminiscent of our tour of the Palace of Versailles. Back at the kitchen Jim had us whip up a lunch of oven-baked mini camemberts with rustic garlic and rosemary croutons accompanied by crispy jambon de Bayonne and raspberry confiture.

I hadn’t been feeling well all day (suspect it might be the tap water?) and stole a lie-down while the rest of the class made spun sugar Tuilles (bird’s nest baskets) and garnishes for a dessert planned for later in the week. While that was going on, Brenda began work on her preparation of her market vegetables for a soup for our evening meal. Wednesday night at the school is free time and you can choose to go into one of the local village restaurants for dinner or use the kitchen facilities and practice your techniques to dine in.

While the most of the others chose the restaurant option, Brenda had been looking forward to this day to have something other than the many meals of rich food we’ve had over the last months. I confess to being somewhat less than supportive of the soup option, but let me tell you, in the end I was dead wrong. The soup was fantastic and, served up with fresh baguette; it was a most welcome treat, enjoyed by Cheryl, Robert, Helen and the two of us.

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