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Beautiful sunset here at Jojoba

Three years, nine months ago today Lynda and I took possession of our new Carri-Lite fifth-wheel from North Alabama RV in little Rainsville, AL. All in all it has been a great adventure but we are both happy it is over. No regrets for having done it!

Since my arrival at Jojoba Hills on May 26 (and Lynda’s on June 12) I awoke a couple of mornings ago for the first time with a feeling of being settled. There were no urgent items on my “To Do List.” Yes, there are a few lingering projects but they are for the most part dependent on others. Lynda has largely completed her health exam marathon; she has two follow-up appointments next Tuesday and her ten-year colonoscopy a bit later. And this week has by and large been a routine schedule.

First, I’ll report on Lynda’s health status which is basically fine. Her mammogram and electrocardiogram did not show any abnormalities. With Betty’s recent heart problem this latter test was a “biggy.” In 1995 Lynda had been told she had a slight mitral value leakage but according to the technician nothing was apparent. The laser treatment the ophthalmologist did on her right eye made a big improvement. She sees him again Tuesday to determine if a new prescription for her glasses is needed. Also on Tuesday she sees the GP regarding her cholesterol level and her foot that is still bothering her, though the X-ray didn’t show a stress fracture. Elevated cholesterol has been an ongoing issue for her so medication may be in the offing; imagine petite Lynda with high cholesterol and her somewhat overweight husband has no such problem. It goes to show you!

MWF have become our most routine days of the week. The mornings are my workout period with a forty minute walk around the hills of Jojoba and some weight work in the gym. After the gym I stop by the library to check-in any books or DVDs, and perform any other necessary tasks.

Lynda generally gets in some time at the pool in the mornings. Once her foot issue is resolved she’ll rejoin the water aerobics group. Her afternoons have now become Mah Jongg time. She’s really getting into it! On Mondays Mah Jongg flows into the weekly member meetings at 4PM. I find the meetings rather boring so I rely on Marcia’s minutes on the Jojoba blog and any reports from Lynda. Also Friday’s are Lynda’s day on Channel 3; she has to add or delete whatever messages are current that day.

MWF afternoons are my time to write (as I’m doing now), read, or occasionally ponder life from my LaZboy and nap while listening to music. Tuesday, Thursday, and weekends are more flexible. The weekdays usually include at least one trip into Temecula for provisions. Also I should point out that my MWF afternoon tasks are readily transferable to any other day as well and I generally take advantage of that. This week Lynda’s electrocardiogram was Tuesday afternoon plus we picked up her X-rays. On Thursday it was grocery shopping time; not a simple task for us, particularly in hot weather. Of course, the 20-plus mile drive each way is also a factor.

You see we have three primary stores that supply the bulk of our groceries plus some other items: Costco, Trader Joe’s, and WinCo. On a primary shopping trip such as this week we need to visit all three since what we need/want is not available in just one; yes, we’re quite picky. With temperatures in the 90s and above, it is impossible to leave many items in the car while we shop at the other stores; a cooler with ice mitigates the problem but it isn’t large enough to handle all of our perishables or items that should avoid high temps, e.g. wine. Besides, a large enough cooler wouldn’t fit in our car. Going to town early in the morning before the heat of the day also helps some.

So, yesterday morning we drove to town for breakfast at “Mo’s Egg House” in time to arrive at Costco when it opened at 9:30A. We had lunch at Mo’s the previous week at the recommendation of Dr. Smith, our new ophthalmologist. It looked like a good breakfast place so we thought we would try it. Having asked whether they serve “real maple syrup” (They don’t!) we took our own on the likelihood that we would have pancakes. Mo’s breakfast menu is quite comprehensive and the service is good. I was impressed that they poached my eggs “soft” just like I want them. My track record with poached eggs in restaurants is quite poor, they are nearly always overcooked. We’ll definitely return when an early breakfast in town is warranted.

After a major shopping spree at Costco and with a packed cool chest, I dropped Lynda at WinCo for mostly produce and bulk foods while I drove to Trader Joe’s nearby with a “short list.” Returning to WinCo, we completed our shopping there in a few minutes. The car was not excessively hot yet and the A/C kept things cool for the drive home. This seems to be a workable routine for weekly provisions gathering, at least during hot weather.

This week I have continued to work on a draft of the chapter about my Winston ancestors. Thursday afternoon I decided to attempt finding great grandchildren of Isaac Winston and Grace Soady (my great, great aunt) that I thought might still be living in Louisiana. There were four of whom I was aware and from my data three could still be living. Searching the “Switchboard” website I found a listing for David Winston (born 1939) in Bossier City near Shreveport, and James Winston (born 1935) in Crowley, near Lafayette.

Unable to connect with David I called James and got his wife; James was at the eye doctor. She knew of the Soady name and we had a delightful conversation. She told me David had died a few years earlier and the person to talk to was their sister Mathilda “Tillie,” (born 1929) who lives in Shreveport. Tillie was said to know the most about their family history. I immediately placed a call on Skype and had a wonderful and informative conversation that lasted over an hour with my new found, alert 82 year old third cousin. She knew my Uncle John before he died in 1944 and other Winston family members who lived in Louisiana. Additional interactions with Tillie are in order to fill out some parts of my story. This is an example of the addictiveness of genealogy, you never know who or what you might uncover.

As today’s title says this is the last weekly report about Lynda and Bob’s RV Adventure. The RV part of our adventure is over. We are settled at Jojoba Hills for all intents and purposes even though we still live in an RV. As I wrote previously, our life here will not be much different than living at Sun City or some other senior community. I do plan to write two more pieces in the next couple of weeks about how and why we undertook this journey and what we believe we learned about RVing and ourselves during the past three years, nine months.

Contrary to what I wrote several weeks ago, I now have decided to enter a missive from time-to-time in this blog or journal when circumstances warrant i.e. when I believe there is something about which is worth reporting. As I said before we still plan extensive travel, particularly abroad, in the coming years. I plan to report on those trips much as I have done in the past.

For those of you who wish to stay connected to our journal the only thing that will change is the regular frequency on “what’s happening.” For those of you who have followed us only for information about the RV lifestyle and wish to stop getting notices you need only ask to be dropped. I won’t be the least bit offended. I hope our journal has provided some useful information and perhaps a laugh or two.

Take care!

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