Bumming Around with Daisy 2011 travel blog

This morning Val and I drove up to Bartlett to visit with our friend, Betty Wendler. On the way out of town we stopped at H-E-B to get her some flowers. We selected some beautiful yellow roses, which were just beginning to open.

She is in the Will-O-Bell Nursing Home, recovering from her third back surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery was not successful, so she must wear a brace from now on. She is receiving pain medications and rehabilitation therapy, which is very painful for her. She does not know when she will be able to go home. It made our hearts ache to see her in that condition.

I went to Lois and Jerry’s Restaurant to get hamburgers for us. There was only one waitress and she was really scurrying around! I had to wait quite a while but the burgers were well worth the wait. They were delicious! The meat was not the usual formed patties used by most fast-food restaurants; they were formed out of fresh ground beef. The restaurant itself was interesting. It was a country-style place with antiques on shelves around the walls.

Another friend, Maxine Lisenbe, had planned to drive over from Temple to meet us in Bartlett, but she is suffering from an outbreak of shingles and could not come. I understand how she feels because, since age 20, I’ve had several outbreaks of shingles on my face. They cause intense pain and itching. Anyone who has had chicken pox is at risk of an outbreak.

Val has had the shingles shot but my ophthalmologist has advised me to not get the shot because there is too high a risk that it would cause my viral eye infection to flare up again. That viral infection is one of the leading causes of blindness. I certainly don’t want that!

After we got back to Austin, Val helped me identify people in an old Cen-Tex LoW photo album. I’ve been scanning all the old prints that I had taken prior to 2006 so I can upload them to our Yahoo! Group page. What a job! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

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