Liisa's World Meanderings 2011 travel blog

Visited another mökki

Rauni (my sister-in-law) & Teppo (my brother)

Teppo just started the fire to heat the sauna

Going for my rowing laps around the island

Ok one oar where's the other one??!

That's better nothing like the rowing machine back at the gym!

Rauni cooking on the a.k.a bbq

Lunch mmmm....

Picking berries off the bushes near the mökki a.k.a dessert!

Aatos, my 2 yr old friend came to play

Ok today was road trip day...

I awoke this morning early to the sound of rain on the roof, I pulled up the blinds and my beautiful paradise had turned dismal and grey. It seemed even nature was sad of our imminent departure. The weather had been spectacular the whole time I was at Mummonmökki next to Kalliojärvi.

YIKES! got a text from my trainer the other day. He must've known somehow that I'd been slacking off?!? So I rowed around the island twice at full pace yesterday as I had done the day before...feeling guilty as I've been eating too much licorice ice-cream (lactose free to all those shaking their heads!) I can just imagine his expression and hear his voice telling me to do more reps around the island!

I did find that the bigger the sauna, the better a place for exercise tho. HEHEHE!

Anyway it's nearly 11pm and it's been a long day. I am now ready to hit the sack in Hyvinkää.

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