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Grand Falls

Grand Falls

Grand Falls - notice the Zip-Liners

Potato Museum

Potato Museum

Railway Museum

Railway Museum - restored sleep car

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MC's & 2010 Miss New Brunswick

One of Miss New Brunswick 2011 contestants

Destination # 20: Woodstock, New Brunswick

Mileage: ???? k (from Edmundston)

Arrive: Monday, August 1, 2011

Depart: Tuesday, August 2, 2011

• Monday, August 1

 Our journey takes us to Woodstock, NB today with a couple of stops along the way. We are now following the St John River and thoroughly enjoying the sunshine, the smooth, 4-lane highway and the new-to-us countryside.

 The first stop is in Grand Falls to see the Falls and the Gorge, an amazing display of the power of water and its relentless influence over any and all terrain in its path. One of the tourist attractions at the Falls is called the Zip Zag, a harness and pulley leap of faith many feet over the Falls from one side to the other. We watched, in awe, as several brave souls flung themselves off the platform on one side to be propelled at great speed along the cable high above the action below to the platform on the other side. I’d love to be able to say we tried it but, sadly and true to form, no way!

 Our second stop is in Florenceville-Bristol, NB, to see Potato World, the home of the New Brunswick Potato Museum. As coincidence would have it, we are hungry for lunch when we arrive and Potato World just happens to have a café. The menu items are, not surprisingly, exclusively potato related, either made with potatoes or made, as in the desserts, to look like French fries. They also advertise Potato Smoothies. We couldn’t figure that one out but thought it best just to leave it to everyone’s imagination. I won’t relate what we ordered, suffice it to say there were a few carbs involved. After lunch we walked through the museum. We learned a lot and enjoyed the experience. Of course, Florenceville is the birthplace of the McCain empire, so not a stretch to see the McCain family and corporation heavily represented. Potato World is, in fact, located right next door to a McCain facility.

 Our last stop before moving on to our campsite further on in Woodstock, for the night is the Shogomoc Historical Railway site which is in the Bristol side of Florenceville-Bristol and showcases a restored small town CPR station and three CPR train cars, one of which has been recently converted to a fine dining restaurant for the area called “Fresh”. The station brings back a lot of memories for Rob of the railway station in Kelfield, SK, which was still functioning as such when his family first bought the farm there.

 Our campsite in Woodstock is in a Motel / RV Park called “Cosy Cabins” (not a typo, that is the actual spelling). Our site is nose in to a beautiful view of the St. John River. The only thing we have planned for the evening is to attend the Miss New Brunswick Talent Competition, one of the events of the Miss New Brunswick Pageant taking place this week in Woodstock in conjuction with its Home Coming Week festivities.

 We end the day with a pretty good thunderstorm and continuing rain all night. I feel sorry for the tenters in the campground. It is really wet out there.

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