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Indian Lake State Park

Sunset our first night

Seul Choix Lighthouse

Iron Furnaces

Charcoal Furnace

What a location for a dirty business

Indian Lake State Park, Manistique, MI

July 22, 2011

It’s becoming clear that trying to post to a journal every day is not easy. One is always trying to catch up.

We are at Indian Lake SP and the site we have backs right up to the lake. We haven’t had this beautiful a spot in some time. The first night here we had a great sunset.

Although we’ve seen many lighthouses over the years, we never seem to get our fill of them. Nearby is the Seul Choix Lighthouse. One of the sons of a light keeper created the birdhouse shown here from scraps around the property. Like the Lighthouse itself the birdhouse has even been restored and now sits is a prominent location.

Lafayette State Historic Sight is the ongoing restoration of the old charcoal fired iron smelting plant. They took ore from the northern peninsula and brought it here for refining into pig iron. Later it was shipped to locations throughout the Midwest and the East. They cut and burned timber from their own property in 10 charcoal furnaces to create the fuel for the refining process. At the height of the plant they also bought charcoal from more than 60 other charcoal furnaces around the UP. The total population grew to over 500 men, women and children in the town built around the furnace to support the production.

They had a beautiful location with everything they needed to process the ore. Timber, limestone, a deep harbor, good water and eventually even a railroad.

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