We spent the day touring the capital of Wyoming,Cheyenne. It is a wonderful little city and was named as one of ten cities most desirable for retirees by the AARP. It is full of history and has preserved many of its old buildings. The most beautiful buildings are the Capital and the Union Pacific RR Station. A walking tour describes the history and architecture of each structure. One of the first railroad passenger cars built in 1867 is on display. It is a testament of solid construction to have endured so long. We visited the Wyoming State Museum. It is a great display of all the qualities and history which make Wyoming so unique. 500 million years ago the state was the heart of a tropical jungle roamed by dinosaurs and covered by sea water. Time and destiny formed coal and oil from these vast rich deposits. Numerous other minerals were also created in rich supply. Current discovery shows that there are areas identified which probably contain supplies of diamonds! Wyoming is one of the few states that has ample surpluses. We had lunch at the historic Plains Hotel in the Capital Grill-Bison burgers and salad. We then drove to the historic Terry Bison Ranch where herds of Bison are raised. It was a fun and restful respite from our long drive.

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