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Got up and went for a stroll on the beach, it was overcast with a few sunny breaks. As you may or may not know the beach is huge so it was a long stroll. Once we got back to the cabin we had a bite to eat and headed over to the old cemetery and started to clean it up. We worked for a few hours until supper then headed home.


Well it's cool and drizzling out so we donned our rain gear and headed over to the cemetery again to get a good days work in. The rain/drizzle stopped about noon and we had made a lot of progress. The alder here are like octopus tentacles, the stem may go up in front of you but the base is 3 or 4 feet behind you. Lots of woody shrubs and tall plants to cut with the brush saw and whipper snipper, but we got them all down. You can now see from one end to the other now! I do realize most of you think I'm (and Dave) are nuts spending our vacation this way!

While we were trying to work we had several visitors. All happy we were taking this on and all with relatives buried there, no nobody offered to help. Rich Parsons came by (he's probably in his 30's) he's an upper 'arbour Parsons as he always points out. Mind you he (as I pointed out) had several relatives buried here in the down 'arbour cemetery! We are related through marriage. Rich knew the cemetery very well as his father brought him down there and he said we had brushed and cleaned out the original borders. He thought Dave and I were quite noble to be doing this as they had tried to get a work party to do this over the years but nobody wanted to do it. Lets hope they keep it up after we leave.

The Robbins dropped by as they had two relatives buried there, The Robbins great grandparents were buried there, well actually the great grandfather and his first of three wives, where the other two were they didn't know. They also noted the spelling on the stone as they originally spelt it with only one "b".

Rex Gibbons came by, we are also related by marriage, and Rex has helped me with a lot of my research over the years so it was good to finally meet. He also brought me some chalk to I could read some of the stones better. He also gave me a marker for writing on snowmen, whatever that means, so I figured it was like a dry eraser, he used it on one old stone to find out the year of death and age. I asked him if it washes off and he said no its permanent. I just about died, we use chalk because it washes off I'd never think of using like that. It wasn't a Parsons or Butt stone so I didn't care to much.

With everyone who visited I had to do the walking tour of the graves we found so that cut into our work time. But I learned a lot about the people buried there.

We just need to do a little raking and trimming and we should be done before lunch tomorrow. As for the festival we haven't really missed anything, tonight is Texas hold em, pay $20 entry fee, get a bunch of chips and see who wins. Rich says there's a big trophy for the winner. Rich and Rex are going to play. If you were here Dad you could have got in on it too!

Tomorrow evening is the NFLD kitchen party, social night with music and if we last a photo scavenger hunt at 11 pm.

Shirley was coming up today (my second Cousin) so we'll probably see her tomorrow unless she shows up here tonight. I hope not we're beat!

I'll send pictures of our work in the next update. If your wondering the place we're staying now has wireless Internet but Dave can't get a signal on his cell phone, go figure.

That's it for now, feel free to drop me a line if you have a question or two, its nice to hear from you guys too.

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