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A view at dusk of the river trip ahead of us

A cool cloud formation in the sky at dusk

Waiting to board the boat (courtesy of the guide)

Almost dark

Today was a little bit of a relax and catch-up day. Two days of hiking in the sun had taken their toll and we were ready to indulge ourselves with a little relaxation. We slept in a bit and then did a little tour of downtown. We started with a tour of the Moab Museum. They have a very nice museum with a lot of really interesting displays. The displays cover the various stages of Moab life and development, including the prehistoric eras, the early civilizations and settlers, the uranium discovery and glory years and then the conversion to a largely recreational economic base with off-road cycles, then pedal cycling, jeeps, etc.

We then went to a local art gallery that contained primarily, but not exclusively, photographs and paintings from and about the Moab area. We also talked to the gallery owner and got some additional ideas of things to do on our last day here (tomorrow).

We then made an important trip of discovery around the corner from the art gallery...the ice cream shop. They had delicious ice cream that tasted really good in this continuing hot country.

We then went to a rock and mineral store. They had lots of rocks and rock stuff on display and for sale. We just looked and didn't buy anything.

We then went back to the coach to relax until time for the Sound and Light Show on river.

At 6:45, we went to the Canyon Lands Tours facility for the dinner before the river cruise. Surprisingly, the dinner was quite delicious; a combination of dutch oven prepared meats and beans plus salads and dessert. I had the BBQ pork which had a nice kick to it and Suzi had the BBQ chicken...all quite delicious. And, it was all you could eat.

After the dinner, we began the river cruise. As we prepared to leave the dock, the on-board speakers began to play the theme song from Gillian's Island. You know the one...about going for what was supposed to be a 3 hour cruise, etc. The cruise began at dusk and so there was still plenty of light for the guide to intersperse his area description with pointing out faces and characters on the canyon walls; all while giving a history of the Moab area.

After full darkness was reached, the sound and light show began. It was an interesting process. The sound part of it was a recorded combination of narration and music on the boat. The light part of it was a mobile light bar (a truck with a 40,000 watt array of floodlights mounted to a controllable cab) The cab looked kind of like the cab of a crane but with an array of large lights attached to it. The lights lit up the walls of the canyon at various locations in a way that seemed to highlight the narrative and music. The presentation began with the beginning...literally...quoting the biblical account of the creation up as far as when the materials of space were pulled together to create the earth and the dry land and waters were separated.

Then the dialogue went into the various ages of the creation of the earth and how this area was developed. Then, it went into the first modern humans, the various stages of development of civilization in the area right up to today. It was all very effective. It even included periods of time when we just floated in the darkness with millions of stars overhead and had an opportunity to just meditate. As we approached the dock for our return to reality, the music turned to "This land is my land".

After docking, we took the long trip "home" (A good 1,000 feet) and called it a night.

Watched a little t.v. while getting this episode of the journal written. A very nice day.

See you tomorrow.

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