Kuehne's RV Summer 2011 travel blog

Arrived in town about 2:30 a.m. Took Ethan home on in the Jeep and Bill took Emma to her house in the RV. Mikayla stayed with Emma and William slept through it all.

William woke up to notice that his sister was gone and lamented why he was still in the RV. He called his friend Brandon and so we took him to visit for a few hours. Then after Brandon needed to get back to work, William asked to go to see his friend Kyle.

We stopped by our friend's, the Norman's for a short stop and then dropped William at Kyle's.

Bill and I headed to our friend's - the Goldens - to pick up our Suburban and then to our friend's - the Ibrahimi's - to drop off the Jeep and bikes.

Then back to the RV and tried to get a little organized. Met with Pastor Rich who said we could stay at the church (very happy) then off to dinner at Taco Bell (really).

William decided to stay at Kyle's so we had the RV to ourselves..

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