The heartland of America. What an inspiration it is to drive across the "fruited plains". The rolling hills of Iowa with vistas of silos and barns-a thing of the past? I hope not! These are the farmlands that feed us. These are the farmlands that supply ethanol and lower our dependence on foreign oil fields. As I look across a massive cornfield tonight I see an old fashioned windmill spinning and I dream of what was and what is to be. We face so many complexities but let the past and our forefathers be the guide-we have it in us to overcome the adversities and the negatives. We can do the right thing and take the moral direction if we but listen to our inner voice. That is how we uniquely formed America in the first place. The rolling hills of Iowa transition into the flat lands of eastern Nebraska. These lands are again loaded with cornfields and soybeans. Here and there are large herds of beef cattle grazing in rich pastureland. We follow the classic I80 in its westward path. I80 follows the first highway to be built coast to coast. We stayed in York,Nebraska at the Prairie Oasis RV Park. It is set in the middle of a cornfield just off I80 and contains an island of trees and a small lake. A most restful vista for two tired traveling souls!

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