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Allegheny National Forest

Allegheny Mountains

Seneca Nation sign

way to damage a cabinet door!

Gaia trying to look calm

Day 2, Woodland to North Tonawanda

We finally got clear of Woodland around 11:45 a.m. We were obviously living in a fool’s paradise on the trip last fall, because now we are facing all the frustrations that new travel trailer owners face.

Ron -Big issue: hot water! Ron finally figured out that the propane gas problem in the trailer was due to the hot water heater, which wanted him to light the pilot light so it could work. We finally managed to do it last night, then this afternoon we had the same problem again. Ron called Keystone and the service guy thinks it’s a defective “board” for the heater. We have hot water because it will also run on electricity, But if it’s also supposed to work with propane, then we will need to have the board replaced. Fortunately, still under warranty!

Mick –Smaller issue but not covered by warranty! Look at the picture above of the inside of the trailer. Who knew that you should check ALL the cabinets and drawers to make sure they’re closed BEFORE you try to open the slide!

Somewhat boring trip today, the scenery still looks so much like Western Maryland. However: We drove through the Allegheny Mountains, and through the Seneca Nation! One of my favorite stories to tell is The Storytelling Stone, which begins, “If you travel up through the Allegheny Mountains, just below the Canadian border, you will come to the land of the Seneca people. . . .”

Gaia has finally remembered how to behave on the road. The campsite is a different situation. She is so amazed and distracted by all the new smells when we walk, (not to mention being on a cloth leash) that she can barely manage to pee, and won’t poop at all. I guess doggie day care providers tomorrow may be in for a big surprise!

I’ve always wanted to come to Buffalo to experience “lake effect” snow. I don’t think it’s going to happen this trip – temperatures still in the mid- to high 80s.

Ron is pooped by all the hassles today, so I’m not going to tell him the BIG NEWS – we are within driving distance of the Corning Museum of Glass (think Dale Chihuly) and – even better – The Jell-o Gallery Museum and the town where Jello was invented. OMG, I am soooooooo going to see both these places!

IF we gain a little energy after dinner we’re driving over to the Falls to check out parking options for tomorrow.

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