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Because we have all been busy living it up in Delhi, we're only just updating the blog! So i'm going to tell you about last6 Friday, which was our first day in Delhi! We were actually allowed a lay in until 8 am! (When we usually get up at 6.30!) Reid arranged for 4 tuk-tuks to arrive at the front of the hotel, which would take us all around the shops and zip us across the city! One of the drivers encouraged Abby to take control of the tuk-tuk and drive it! But sadly, she refused! We spent a while in a type of department store called "Emporium" where we bought lots of jewellery, and i think Abby said she'd spend over 10,000 rupees on jewellery, but it was all so pretty! A girl can justify these things.. :)

We then travelled to another big store, that sold everything from saris and scarfs to antique boxes and tea! I personally bought a hand painted box for a few thousand rupees.. (but don't worry mum, i used my own card hehe!) At lunch we met the Garrets! Lunch was a lot of curry \, but no poppadums! We also met our tour guide at lunch, who took us on a tour around Delhi on a bus. The first stop was the Red Fort, which was really amazing! It was built by the same man that built the Taj Mahal! From there we visited a mosque, which was more like a huge court yard. This part was fine, except we were made to wear brightly coloured floor length robes, so we could "fit in".. except we were the only people wearing them, plus because we were white, we attracted many many many men! We felt utterly ridiculous! From the mosque we jumped onto some bicycle rickshaws, and were taken around "old Delhi", which was really amazing to see, but the streets were so narrow, and it was dark becasue the buildings towered around us. We were taken to the metro, or underground, where we had a "ladies only" carriage! Again, it was all very crowded, but really nice to experience that. After the metro we were put back on the bus, and drove to see Ghandi's house. We only had 15 minutes there which was a shame, becasue it closed at 5.30. It would have been really nice to have a proper look around, but from what we saw it was really pretty and calm.

We were all pretty tired after this, so back at the hotel we all packed our stuff up and headed out to a restaurant, before collapsing into bed!!

Our weekend in Delhi was a really nice break for us, just a shame to say goodbye to the other fantastic half of the group! All the same, it was really good to get back to Joybells and see all the kids again! We've all missed them so much!

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