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So i have been absolutely terrible with blogging so far, this is my first one, however, it does give me quite a bit to talk about. I am LOVING every second of being out here so far. Teaching was at first an incredibly daunting prospect but now i love going to stand at the front of the class and tell them what i know. Drama and English have been my main focuses, the kids seemed to lack a little imagination at first in both areas, they preferred to copy each other or stories they knew in books. Being here for this length of time as allowed me to really see the progress they are making in broadening their imagination. Drama is now one of my favorite things to do as i have no idea what they are going to come up with! English lessons have varied from grammar, debating to play writing which i started today. I have to say i feel sorry for teachers, the job is not exactly easy, i go back to my room shattered every night!

The kids themselves are amazing, playing with them every afternoon is never a chore i could spend unlimited amounts of time with them, a few I mark out as being some of the funniest people I've ever met, Dimple and Lollipop as the names might suggest are quite large characters whom i know i will miss when i leave. Speaking of leaving we had to wave off some of our group this weekend. It was a slightly traumatic sight seeing them say goodbye to the children, i'm not really sure if i'm up to it myself! Th kids are so ready to love and welcome you that it is very difficult not to fall in love with them completely, i cant count the amount of bracelets and cards i have been given. I am determined already to plan a return trip!

We spent a weekend away, experience more of India than the Joybells, prem nagar and Dehradun. I thought i would have been more overwhelmed by India and terrified by it's crazy drivers but i find myself loving it rather than being afraid. Nobody really seemed to mind when one of our tuk tuk driver told us he had crashed 'many many times' when he gets drunk, and jokingly told us he'd had marijuana chocolate that day. Ironically his name was Lucky, i even have his business card for proof! Some of the encounters with Indian men have been a bit...much but we have dealt with it fine. Delhi was no exception, we all seemed to deal with what was true mania very well and soothed any worries we might have had by doing masses of shopping in our little convoy of tuk tuks.

I've said far too much already now so i better stop, but maybe i will make my blogging a little frequent in these last two weeks. I hope my Parents will now be very pleased that i've made a contribution tho the blog, they were complaining that i had not yet. So to them, has that satisfied you??

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