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It is a nice sunny day. We caught a 9:30am bus for our tour. The first stop was the Palmer Visitor Center where they had some very nice flower and vegetable gardens as well as a museum of sorts with a lot of artifacts and history of the area. They explained a lot about the huge garden vegetables,etc. that can be grown because of the extended day light hours approaching 20+ hours in the summer. We then went to the Musk Ox Farm where we had a guided tour and got to see a lot of Musk Ox ranging from this years babies to full grown males and females. What is unique about them is that they have this marvelous under fur that insulates them from terrible cold. They do not have to be sheltered in the cold winters, as they can withstand very cold temperatures. They are not being raised for food, but for the under fur which sells for about $80 for a 2 ounce skein!! This is extremely warm yarn, which is good for hats, scarfs, etc. It is also very light weight. This farm had about 160 head total. They told us the present day wild population is about 15-20,000 animals after being almost hunted to extinction in the early 19th. century. They are pretty homely critters in reality, but as one of God's creations, its OK. When we were coming near the field where they kept the bulls, one ornery one started snorting and bawling and came towards our group standing near the fence. He then started at a full gallop and rammed his head into the sturdy posts holding the gate and of course set our group a scrambling. Quite a sight for a few minutes. He didn't hurt himself either as the bulls fight "for rights" this way. The next stop on our tour was a Reindeer Farm. We had a guided tour of this farm also. They let people enter their pen and let people hand feed them. These were obviously, used to this and came for food until it was all gone. They also had some Moose and Elk. Back at camp we had a pot luck the Wagon Masters furnished and cooked hamburgers and we all brought a dish to pass. It was very good. After the meal we had a "Grab Bag" sort of game where everyone furnished 2 paper sacks with something in it and then you drew numbers for the right to choose your bag. Some had good prizes, some not so good!

Then a briefing for our trip to Valdez tomorrow and after a short social hour, we were off to our camper and to bed.

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