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Typical European Balcony Scene (Without Juliet)

July 28, 2011

Lynn and Glen spent the morning doing the last of their packing for their departure for Paris. Glen’s target was 10:00 a.m. and they managed 11:15, finalizing weight distribution and wine bottle protection. As we saw them off, our weeks worth of laundry was underway…as usual, I forgot to check the pockets and the first load came out with shredded Kleenex all over it. Drying on the balcony clothes line released the most of it after I had picked off the biggest chunks.

We made it a lazy day with writing and reading between laundry loads until we left in the mid-afternoon for a shopping trip to the LeClerc superstore for some supplies. We had had a late breakfast with no plan for lunch but as we left the store, Brenda said she felt a little peckish and maybe a mini-wrap at the McDonalds across the way would do the trick. One mini-wrap and a Big Mac meal for me later, we were good to go…a guilty pleasure, indeed!

Yvonne had contacted us earlier to set up a time for her house cleaner, Brigitte, to move out an old couch from the top floor and set the time for 6:00. Typical of small French town scheduling, Brigitte and her two movers showed up half an hour late, during which time we squeezed in a glass of rosé (or two). I felt just a smidge guilty in that I didn’t offer a hand to the crew to bring the heavy couch down two flights of tight spiral staircase, but I wasn’t going to risk any injury with a month still left on our odyssey.

We had Yvonne call Rob over to join us and as we sipped wine on the balcony under my laundry, I heated up our leftover chicken soup served up with stale baguette croutons…yum. It was a night for leftovers as we took our old style rotating dinner over to Rob and Yvonne’s for shepherds pie and scalloped potatoes with stewed plum and ice cream dessert. It was the kind of night that could go on forever, over good conversation and delicious comfort food. We ended with making a date for Friday night’s “Fête” in a nearby village.

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