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Sue's Dad and Liz ready for prom

Katherine Bates. Author of America the Beautiful

Yankees honoring Southern Civil War soldiers. Nice.

Martha's Vineyard home. Not too shabby for a weekend place

Fog on LI Sound entering Martha's Vineyard. Lots of fog on eastern...

John wished he could tie rodes this nice.

"The Campground" on Martha's. Little homes, many for rent.

We did some business with this establishment. Their permits were all up...

Mystic Seaport with Janie O

Mystic Seaport

Hyannis built a special museum for JFK. It even mentioned that he...

The Morgan is being restored.

We took this 100 year old tour boat to see the Kennedy...

The big house on the left is the Kennedy place. The even...

This ferry run across the CT river began in the 1700's. It...

Ferry from Gillette Castle

Gillette Castle.

The Morgan is being restored.

We have managed to do some sightseeing while here taking care of Sue's dad and sister. Since the last posting, we have done some touring around Old Saybrook, our current home. It sure is nice having our own bed to sleep in each night. It is the one constant in our lives right now. The folks on neighbor boats at our marina have been great, checking up on us to make sure we are ok. We have also done some projects on the boat (took canvas off and cleaned and sewed up loose stitches), installing new cockpit carpet (which we have wanted to do for quite some time), loving our new mattress with memory foam, oil changes.... Also have visited Mystic Seaport, Falmouth, Woods Hole, Martha's Vineyard, and Hyannis, Mass. In order:

Old Saybrook: We have learned most of the good places to eat, enjoying places that have womens names for some reason: Anna's, Nancy's, Patti's. The local New Orleans restaurant is run by a guy and wife from India who was a Carnival Cruise chef, semi-retired. John, having been to New Orleans many times, was eager to try it out. He did enjoy it but since the chef had to cater his menu to Connecticut people (spelled Yankee), he had a chuckle with some of the substitutes and omissions. No okra in the gumbo for example, spices were more what you would find in Italian dishes, BUT he sure was surprised to fine crawfish in his entree. He got a hold of the chef and they had a long talk about New Orleans cuisine and how he catered to the locals. The chef said that if he made the dishes like New Orleans, he'd not have any customers - LOL. There is one thing they love up here and that is Italian. We also take a tour of the Gillette Castle. William Gillette was an actor and has no relationship to the razor blade family. See pictures. If you google his name, you will find that he was very popular in his day. There are letters all over his house signed by presidents and other famous people who he knew well. We ride the ferry over to his castle. The ferry is scheduled to be shut down this year, even though it dates back centuries. No money.

Mystic Seaport: Jane and Tim, once again great hosts, take us over to see the port via car. What an amazing place. We were there all day and did not get to see nearly enough. We did get souvenirs from the Sailing vessel Morgan that is being restored. All four of us toted heavy pieces of oak that they are using for restoration so John can make something when he gets home. The history here is amazing and the town has done an outstanding job of making most of the seaport a museum. The museum was established in 1929 as the "Marine Historical Association". Its first fame came with the acquisition in 1941 of the Charles W. Morgan, the only surviving wooden sailing whaler. The seaport was one of the first living history museums in the United States, with a collection of buildings and craftsmen to show how work was done. Also, the Amistad is housed here. We saw this famous sailing vessel when we were on the Down East Loop trip a couple of years ago. If you scroll back on this Blog, you will see a posting and picture of her. Go here for more info: http://www.mysticseaport.org/. On the way over to connect with Jane and Tim, we have a flat tire on the car. Tim gets us hooked up with a local tire guy to fix it while we tour Mystic. John is not surprised when he looks at the tire to see that the belts had separated, because it is a Michelin tire. They are famous for failing like this.

Falmouth/Woods Hole/Hyannis: Notice that we did not say Hyannisport. We learn that the town is Hyannis and that Hyannisport is just an intersection. We visit Hyannisport so we can drive around to fine the Kennedy estate from land. They tell you in town that there is nothing to see by land (including the tour guides), but that is not true. We think they tell you this to discourage traffic on the small streets leading into the neighborhood. We stop at the one store in Hyannisport (it is the size of a 2 car garage). We also take a tour boat that is 100 years old that takes us around to the water side of the Kennedy compound. See the pictures for more information. With all these Democrats around, John decided to sew his wallet into his pants to make sure it was safe - LOL. We visit the Kennedy museum here and it was done quite well. In Falmouth, we hook up with Sue's sister who is vacationing her. We find on the internet a motel we can not afford, but it is the cheapest thing around at $175/night - and it was a dump. MOtel 6 is much better. The next cheaper motel in the area was $250. We enjoy our visit with Sue's sister and drive down to see Woods Hole also. This Cape Cod is a beautiful place to just drive around.

Martha's Vineyard: The pictures tell the whole story here. This is also a place for the rich and famous, but it is affordable for vacationing middle class folks like us, albeit it is still expensive, but not as bad as Hyannis/Falmouth if you plan ahead. We hope to return here someday for a long visit - say two weeks.

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