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top of Kaaterskill Falls

lower part of the Falls with swimming hole at bottom

view of a few of the Catskill Mountains

All Souls Church in Hunter

gateway to a cemetery

cemetery and church

top of the tower next to a house

insect-eating flower, I think

very colorful day lilies

field of wildflowers

What is this?

notice the top of the gazebo

After working hard cleaning part of my RV this morning (lots of tree residue), I picked up Mom and we went up the mountain to walk a trail or two near North-South Lake State Park. Mom remembered an old rail trail up there and we tried to find it.

First we went down Scutt Road and the parking area for the trails didn't look familiar to her and the trail signs said nothing of the rail trail. I drove down to the end of that road and only found a place to turn around at the dead end. Then we went on another road to its end, parked and followed a wide trail for a little way. We came to the top of the Kaaterskill Falls! Mom had always wanted to see it but we couldn't get very close as the hill was quite dangerous. There were young people in their twenties wading, sunning, and swimming in the upper pools and I could see down to the bottom of the falls where people who had hiked in from the road were enjoying the bottom pools. On the way back, via a footpath, we went by wondrous rock walls and evidence of a few houses from maybe 100 years ago. The name of the road we were on is Laurel House Road, so does that tell you something?

We went back to Scutt Road and started on that hiking and horse tail. We thought the trees spooky and decided we didn't want to be there at night! Eventually we came to a crossroads and guess what that was? the rail trail! Off to our right we could see the rail gate and that's what Mom remembered starting the trail! We went to that gate and found the dead end part of Scutt Road where we were at first! There was no parking on that part of the road, unlike when Mom had been there when my niece and nephew were kids.

With that mystery solved, we went to Hunter and I drove on a road just to see where it went. There were many mansions off the road and behind stone walls. Then we came to an intersection just after passing a house with a big tower or fancy silo next to it! At that intersection was a stone church the likes of nothing I've seen before. Across the street was a modern cemetery and I could see beyond that what looked like a park. So we went there and found out it is the Mountain Top Arboretum! We had a great walk on their paths to see many different kinds of plants and trees. What fun!

Mom had supper with me at my campsite and then we went to her house for a bit. The deer came out to eat apples from her tree down the hill. She sees a family of turkeys in the mornings now, too. Rabbits and woodchucks are still eating her flowers and plants, so Mom is good to the wildlife around her!

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