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Pay Phones! Love it.

CANAD -IA - YEAH! We woke early at The Soo, had waffles paid a toll to cross the International Bridge ($6) and headed for the border control. We couldn't see a thing on top of the bridge b/c of fog. When we got to the border gate the official asked: "What are you carrying?" I almost said: "What do you want?" Luckily, Charlie beat me to the puncgh and said, just regular camping supplies. We might have gotten a strip search!

There was a casino just inside the border so we tried to open the door to get to their ATM (suggested by Visitor's Center next door). There were several people waiting by the door smoking/crying. Seems they don't open til 9 am (15 min). So, we walked away from the door and waited. Eventually, we got to the ATM to get some Canadian "loonies". We chose to start w/$300 loonies and the receipt said $314. We pondered this???? Several days later we learned that the Canadian $ is worth more than the US$ for the first time since I've been born! Probably the 1st time in history - OK Dad, let me know for sure.

The guards at the casino caught our southern drawl and wanted to hear us for a while. We enjoyed talking to them; she was from PEI. Charlie told the guard that the tip on the ATM paid off almost as much as we put in it - great slots!

OK, seriously, the terrain is so beautiful in Ontario. The roads are iffy at best - frost heaves. But, we see fireweed everywhere! Just like in Alaska. We also see ponds that look like prime moose hang-outs, but, no meese yet. The landscape is rugged, almost Arctic looking. It was hot, though - 90 degrees.

We found a nice campground on Nipissing Lake in Sturgeon Falls. We walked along the marina boardwalk, let Bonnie swim a bit and settled in for the evening.

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