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The Musk Ox must have sensed my plan and moved on foiling my plan. We headed out on the Dalton Highway looking for other opportunities. We spotted several Long Tailed Jaeger, a bird that spends most o its time at sea but returning to land to breed and raise its young. We spotted a Snowy owl but got no pictures. At 5:00 we took a tour to Prudhoe Bay to see the oil fields and Arctic Sea. On the way out we saw several Caribou and another Snowy Owl. Kathy dipped her foot into the Arctic Sea and I wet my index finger. We spotted two Bull Caribous in Deadhorse and took several pictures. On our way out to camp we spotted another herd of Musk Ox about 1200 Yards out in the Sagavanirktok River bed. As Kathy worked on dinner I approached the Musk Ox closing the distance to under 300 yards. Not knowing to much about their habits I did not feel comfortable approaching any closer. They seemed comfortable with my presence and continued to feed and mill around. They did not form their protective circle around their calves which can precede a defensive attack by the bulls, something I did not want to witness with the safety of the truck 1000 yards to my rear. This all took place at 10:30PM the light was great. The entire day is mid morning to late afternoon light. We got to camp 1:00 am with the sun just dipping below the horizon for a very short period of time.

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