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Wednesday 27th

WOW, it will be a month tomorrow that we have been away! It’s gone so fast!! Got up reasonably early (8am) and headed down for breaky. We are off to Marseille today via train and need to work out where the train station is etc. We ended up walking to the train station which was about 20-30 mins away but it was good cos it was through an area we hadn’t seen yet.

Got on the train and it was a first come first seated basis but we were one of the first on so were fine in our own little booth. I spent the whole time catching up on journal entries that I hadn’t done yet (you guys back home reading this must be thinking we have fallen of the edge of the earth or something- yet no one has worried enough to call me!) Jen was bored as on the 3 hour trip, we had a movie to watch but I was busy on the computer the whole way.

We got into Marseille train station and had no idea where our Motel is. The travel agent says it was close to everything so we walked out and headed down the hill in search for the Holiday Inn Express. We did try asking for help but we don’t speak French and they didn’t speak English so we kept wandering. The streets here are quite filthy and reminded us both of Bali, even the stale urine smell was reminisant of Bali. There are cars everywhere just blasting their horns and road rules seem almost nonexistent. After some time we gave up and got in a cab that was more than happy to take us. After a short drive the taxi driver has pulled up out the front of the Hotel……right across the road from the train station! The taxi ride would have been less than 3km and the meter was showing 4 euro but there is a minimum fare for these guys for 6.20 and then they charge extra for luggage and the total fare came to 14.20 euro! No wonder he was happy to take us! The bastard could have pointed us in the direction and we would have been happy! The Marseilles isn’t winning any points with me so far that’s for sure. Missing Nice and the clean streets already!

Checked in and it is by far the nicest motel we have stayed in to date, it actually has a proper foyer, restaurant and even lifts! There is a guy at Reception called Mathieu and he speaks English! He helps us out with where to go and what to see and so after dumping our bags we go for a wander. The Motel is about 15 mins walk from the main harbor/ marina where everything happens. We got so lost and confused, even though we have a map we can’t work out what the street names are or what monuments are to be able to get our bearings to be able to find it. Commonsense prevails and we just head down hill and find it. The Marina is in a big “U” shape and all around it is just restaurants, cafes and pubs and the Marina is just over loaded with boats. None anywhere near as nice as in Nice but there sure is plenty of them. We ordered some food at one of the many places and even though my steak was raw in places it was still pretty nice. Left there and found another place for a couple cocktails and beers but they jam all the tables so close together and we had a couple sit next to us that started chain smoking so we called it quits and headed back to the motel and ordered a couple more drinks in the room before calling it quits for the day.

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