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Ah, the kids all sleep in this morning until 10:30 or so. We are supposed to be going to Jamestown but that doesn’t really look like it’s going to happen, so I just roll with it. We elect to spend the day at the trailer and at the pool at the center. Ethan and Emma have to adjust to the heat (since it’s still COLD and RAINY in Portland). We catch up. Even though it’s only been 4 weeks, it seems like an eternity. Moving is going to be hard. I have decided to steal Emma and not give her back. Her mom does not think that is a good idea. So, in order for us to EVER borrow Emma again, I must promise not to bring her back peeling and sunburned (yah, every time she comes with us we burn her to a crisp). Mikayla suntans so easily we just don’t think about it. So Emma is slathered in lotion and is not happy. She is not burned so I am happy. More visiting and just a nice day.

I get a little stir crazy at the end of the day, and since Bill is taking care of dinner, the boys and I go for a driving to Williamsburg and Jamestown. It’s kind of a boring driving but we do stop at the Jamestown visitor center and check out the flags of all 50 states.

On a side note, the roads here are kind of different. They are often divided by a grass meridian and you have to drive across the center to get to your lane. I mistakenly turned on to the road thinking it was a 2 lane road and wondered why it seemed strange. So, yes, I was on a one way going the wrong way. Quickly corrected, but the boys have a great story to tell I suppose. Also, very luckily, there is LITERALLY NO TRAFFIC in Toana so… of course, if they actually had traffic, I would have noticed they were going one direction.

Bill makes pork for dinner and it is good and we have a lovely dinner and fire.

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