Jack, Beth, Ava and Brooke's RV Trip to Alaska 2011 travel blog

Yup, more tolls

Cleveland, OH

Destination... Erie, PA


Jack relaxing for the second time. :)


The kids zonked out.

Our last campsite. We didn't get to enjoy it much, just slept...

It was a long travel day from Indiana Dunes to Erie. Brooke's fever was scary last night, she woke up hallucinating with a temp of 103+. At midnight she asked if she could go "over there", then she passed out. She woke again, eyes wide open pointing directly at the couch saying "I want to go over there with Ava in the pool.". The Motrin finally kicked in and I tried to cool her with a cloth. Jack got up to help out, thankfully. It's tough doing that alone. Once she was comfortable and asleep I left her on the couch and tried to get some sleep. Of course it was the warmest and most humid night in our entire two month trip - and with the AC not working we had to suffer through like they did in the old days (only we had fans).

When we got to Toledo, Ohio we stopped at urgent care for a long two hour visit. Jack took a nap and we sat inside waiting to be seen. Strep test was negative but he gave her some zithromax. I negotiated with Brooke for an hour to get her to take the meds and she immediately threw it right back up all over herself. It was a scene to remember as we rolled along the highway! Ava was screaming, "oh no!", "oh gross!", and "mom, hurry!".

We found our way to Erie, PA and got Shawn four cases of Yeungling beer to remind him of his college days. The guy at the store laughed when he came out to deliver it to the RV. He asked if we were stocking up for the road trip. Back at the campground I tried to keep the girls happy. Ava wanted to go to the playground but Brooke wasn't feeling well. We all had some dinner and Brooke perked up and played for a little while. Ava met up with a group of kids that weren't so nice. They told her to "go away" and that she couldn't play with them. She and I talked about it the rest of the night. She was very disturbed that kids could be so mean. Unfortunately we had to run into kids like that on our last night on the road.

Early to bed for an early departure and push for home tomorrow!


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