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Country View Campground, Ogallala, Nebraska

4:00 a.m. this morning and the thunderstorm visited us again. However, this time it was right on top of us. The lightning was more intense and the thunder louder. Many of the thunder claps sounded right over the top of us. And, it really rained hard. The wind was blowing at a good clip, as well. However, the wind wasn't as strong as in South Dakota where you could actually feel the coach rock. Again, the storm lasted a little over 1/2 hours and was mostly gone. It kept raining a little now and then but not like before. We couldn't help wondering how the tent campers across the way, by the little lake, fared during the storm.

This was pretty much just a travel day with an overnight stop on our way to Moab, Utah. Not too much to say. Traveling from the eastern edge of Nebraska to not quite the western edge is pretty much a non-ending repeat of the same scenery. About the only changes are the conditions of the roadways. Actually, much of the Nebraska roads are in better riding condition then most of the other states that we have rumbled through. We did have one long section that was extremely rough. I had to slow down to keep from being shaken apart, even though the roadway looked like it wasn't that old.

We saw lots of fields of corn, some cattle, crisscrossed the Platte River a number times and saw lots of small lakes or reservoirs along the highway. Some of these were identified as being parts of some kind of development and others were not. Many appeared that they were part of some kind of real estate development with very large, very nice homes built right on the water with there own private docks. In the cases where this appeared to be the case, it appeared that only a small part of the development had taken place.

We stopped at a Walmart to replace Suzi's alarm clock. It had given up the ghost and was gaining time very rapidly...almost an hour in an hour and a half.

We arrived at the "Area's Finest Campground" safely and went to check in. They couldn't find my reservation but fortunately had plenty of vacancies and so I got a space. Actually, it looks like it is filling up quite rapidly and I'm glad we got here early enough to make up for the lost reservation.

We are happy to have a full hook-up this time. We are back to side by side sites with about twenty feet between sites. But, they are pull-throughs so we don't have to disconnect the dolly and stash it somewhere and then hook it up again in the morning.

It seems quite a bit cooler than what we have been experiencing for some time and there is a nice breeze. We hope it stays a breeze. The news has thunderstorms and severe thunderstorms (1/2 dollar size hail) forecast around the area but, at least in their projections, nothing is forecast for our area. We will wait and hope. Would be nice to fore-go our 4:00 a.m. wake-up and light and sound show.

We had yummy left-overs for dinner so we can spend most of the time catching up on some relaxation before our next leg into Colorado (where they are predicting additional thunderstorms in the next couple of days-maybe they are following us). We had Lasagna and tacos and tossed salad.

We're going to relax with a little t.v. and hopefully get a good night's rest.

We are happy that the motor home is working properly and doing a good job of keeping us comfortable in our varying weather conditions.

We had a nice end of the day surprise. I was just finishing this journal up when I got a Skype Video call from our son Scott in Hanoi, Viet Nam. Suzi was already in bed asleep but was more than happy to get up and see and talk to her son. Scott is just finishing up a teaching contract in Hanoi and in the middle of packing and shipping their belongings to England where he will be getting an advanced degree. We are really proud of all that he has accomplished and love his beautiful wife, Delia. Scotty looks great and, at least from outward appearances, is largely recovered from his recent scooter accident.

We were really glad to get a chance to see him and chat with him. This is one of those modern technologies for which we are really grateful.

See you tomorrow.

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