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Mud Crabbing

Yes believe it or not us camping!

One Arm Point - 3hrs of dirt road - both ways!

Cape Leveque beach

Sacret Heart Church

Marley our guide

Tuesday, 26 July - Day 1 of Chomley Tours

On a beautiful sunny morning we headed off on our 2 day mini adventure to Cape Laveque with Chomley Tours... a 2 day 4WD tour...and what a brilliant time it was...

7am pickup by 4WD - where we met our other fellow adventurersss...

then a 2hr drive straight up the coast of that amazing bright red dusty, corrigated road. First stop Beagle Bay where we visit an Aboriginal community and their pearl shell church.

A lovely morning tea under the tree...little did we know what lay ahead sitting there under that idealic tree...

Another 1hr of dirt road and we were taken across a dry river mud crabbing...have you ever been mud crabbing...crawling up to your knees in mud thru the mangroes? now that was different..trying to find those little blighters! but we did and at the end of the journey they were thrown live on the open fire and cooked for lunch...now thats fresh crab...

After lunch we move on up the coast to Cape Lavequue..a picture perfect beach with the most amazing red cliffs...where we had a swim and stayed for the sunset.

And then the fun started... we got back after dark to be piles of camping gear and had to pitch our own tents...what a hoot that was...as NOONE had a clue how to do it..but it does make for many a story and some firm friendships were formed.

Dinner around the campfire (minus the fire LOL)...and a night in the wild was had...

What lies in store tomorrow...hmmmmm

Wednesday 27 July - where did the soft bed go?

Awaking early at 6am...well who sleeps when camping..really!

A full breaky was had (needed all our energy for the day)....A visit to the nearby lighthouse and yes...on the road again...Our 4WD adventure moved from red dirt to sand dunes..perfect!!!

And further up the coast we met the Hunter Family and were taken to Swan Point the tip of the cape..their tribal homeplace....I have never seen such clear, beautiful water..with the most amazing white sand..Here we stopped for home made damper made by Shirley Hunter...and given a talk from Pete her husband on the Aborigine peoples tribal culture..such beautiful people...I would have to say that this place is even better than Whithaven Beach...especially swimming with no one for hundreds of miles...

Our next stop was Cynget Pearl Farm...yes girls I bought one!

A lovely lunch in under some trees and a tour of the farm, where afterwards you could share "pearl appreciation" which I think I did VERY well..appreciating..LOL

Stomaches full...pockets empty we then boarded our 4WD for a little 3hr drive home over that magestic red, corrigated dirt road...arriving home at 7pm tired and exhausted..but in a great way.

This was a fabulous tour....and one that I'd highly recommend if you wanted to see a bit of the real OZ...

p.s. as you can imagine a few hundred photos where taken so its going to take a minute to sort this lot out...

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