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Biggie heads off on hike withsome of my college friends, photo by...

wild flowers were still blooming due to late snow melt, photo by...

Thomas lake, photo by Muffy Weisbach

a few of us around a breakfast campfire

Marmot in Marble, photo by Muffy Weisbach

DUACers doing Fairy Cave

Stalactites, Fairy Cave. Phot by John Mumford

July 22-26… Unbelievable drive to the DUAC reunion—took the RV, towing, up through the Eisenhower tunnel. We probably averaged 2 miles per gallon. Lots of long downhills, lots of road construction. We should not have been hooked together. Scary. After our experience in Wisconsin, we are both very nervous about downhills.

We arrived at the BRB campground “and resort” around 2:30, and immediately started spending time with my college friends. By nightfall, most of us were there, and we were having a wonderful time. The next couple of days were spent eating, drinking, reminiscing, catching up, etc. One group, including Biggie, went on a hike to Thomas’s lake on the side of Mt. Sopris, which they said was wonderful, and the pictures prove it; one group went fishing, but had nothing to prove it; another group went on a commercial tour of Fairy Cave, which is absolutely lovely. Sunday some people went to Marble, Co and did a walking tour of the old marble processing plant, some hiked afterward, some returned to camp to relax. Betty Delany served elk stew Friday night; Muffy and Phil served Taco Slobber Saturday night, with s’mores by Keith and Jackie; Cathy served elk meatloaf Sunday night. Lots of beer and margaritas were consumed. John played his banjo and his ukulele for us, and we sang our way through the old Kingston Trio and PPM music. It was a very relaxing time. Monday, 11 of the 13 remaining DUACers did a commercial float trip through Horsethief and Ruby Canyons, which was lovely. We spotted a bunch of different birds, and a bald eagle in a tree. Cathy, Susannah, and I floated in the water, hanging onto the raft for the final mile or so of the trip. It was really fun. We all stopped off to see Blane on the way back to Carbondale, and most of us bought some of his high altitude honey. The day was finished with a Thai meal accompanied by loud music. Once we got back to camp, everyone just went to bed. We were exhausted. But happy.

Tuesday morning brought farewells to the rest of the group, which I always find so difficult. None of us is guaranteed a tomorrow, and we have been so lucky so far with not losing anyone. There are plenty of medical issues among the group, but we push on. We are going to get together again in 2013 in Durango. I love these people so much. Each one is so special, and has played such a part in my history.

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