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On Parrisa Beach with black sand from the volcanic rock

The view from the top is fantastic

Some people decided to use the old fashioned way to get to...

OH WOW WOW WOW, Santorini what an amazing sight!!!!! We arrived at 1.30pm so able to enjoy all the views from our balcony. We dropped anchor just off shore as we tender into shore. When we arrived at the small port area it was very crowed as we were one of 3 cruise ships in today and to get up the cliff to the town of Santorini you have 3 choices, cable car, donkey or walk. We took the 3rd option so as to soak in all the views and not wait in long, long lines, but oh boy oh boy it was very steep, very HOT and it was like running the 'donkey gauntlet'!! Yes there are heaps of donkeys and they just go up and down on their own like a herd stopping at times for a rest but almost always went for me swishing me with tails and pushing me up against the wall, but its a real experience!! When you make it to the top its breath taking YES really REALLY worth all the steps and sweat. We enjoyed walking the streets photographing the classic white wash, blue roofed homes then caught local bus to beach with black pebble volcanic sand to relax. Great afternoon enjoying the beach then caught 6pm bus back to town to enjoy a drink in Aussie bar on edge of cliff to view sunset before tendering back to ship at 8.30pm. Enjoyed a fantastic acrobatic show tonight and relaxing evening at piano bar.

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