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Its times like this that we are really grateful to be traveling and camping in our nice motor home. Not only do we have the air conditioning to have a cool place to come home to , but...

This morning we decided to get one more tour in before leaving Independence. We wanted to visit the Harry S. Truman Museum and Library. This is a library similar to the Nixon Library, in Los Angeles, and similar libraries of ex-Presidents throughout the country. The library was constructed during his life and has both mementos of his life as well as lots of things regarding what was going on during his life and his presidency. We were reminded of some of the momentous things in which he was involved such as the end of World War II, ordering the atomic bomb attacks that brought the Japanese Empire to its knees (actually, there were those who contend that the nuclear devastation was unnecessary and that the Japanese were about to surrender anyway-who knows which is true).

There is a full scale replica of the Oval Office, exactly as it was when he was President. I suspect that is the only time that I will ever be in the Oval Office. ;-)

The tour was well worth delaying our departure from Independence.

We then completed "breaking camp" and headed for the Omaha area. We had the same problem that we had en route to Nashville. Interstate 29 is closed for miles because of the ongoing flooding. The difference is that I knew about it in advance, this time, and could plan my route.

Still not impressed by the condition of the roads in many areas of Missouri and Iowa. Same old short trips between between chuckholes, rough expansion joints, etc. Thankfully, there were some fairly long sections of good road.

As we got closer to Omaha on the two-lane roads, the passing lanes were an experience. The slow lane that I would move over into, appeared to be about nine feet wide. When you are squeezing an 8-1/2 foot wide motor home into a 9' lane with no shoulder with a tractor/trailer unit passing you, it feels just a tad tight.

Traveling through Omaha at peak hour with a motor home and a car in tow was interesting. Lane changes are a little bit more of a test with a 45' train than with our compact car.

We made it to our campsite, however. We are staying in a State Campground that appears to be very nice., There are small lakes throughout the campground area. Although, for some reason, I didn't reserve a site on one of the lakes. There are very few people here so that it feels very private.

We fixed tacos, tostadas, re-fried beans and chips with salsa for dinner.

Well, I guess I will bring this to a close and try to get to bed at a decent time. Tomorrow will probably be a pretty full day.

See you tomorrow.

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