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windmills in N Dakota

re building the road to make it higher on Hwy 281, reminded...

flood waters in N Dakota

damage from flood in Minot, N DAkota

rebuilding a road that washed out

July 26, 2011 travel day we traveled 419 miles, and not by choice

Headed out at 9:00 and it was 70 degrees went across the street to Pamida which is a small department store up here, then stopped at a diner for some breakfast then traveled down Hwy 11 to 66 to 281 to 2. As we traveled on Hwy 281 there was a sign for construction on the road and boy they weren’t kidding, 4 miles of it were all dirt where it looked like they were re-building another road and making it higher because of the flood damage. We planned to stop in Rugby, ND, however it was raining so hard we decided to go on and the next place we were going to stop was Minot, ND and that’s where the flood was a little while back and campgrounds were not available, and as we went through the middle of town you could see the water line on buildings where the water was and they had garbage stacked outside so many buildings it was really a bad situation. We ended up in Williston, ND which means we drove just across the whole state of North Dakota. Weather today at one time for a short period got up to 77 degrees, however it dropped to around 73 because of rain. We paid $4.04 for diesel today.

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