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Big Horn Mountains





Looking down at the snow











Ten Sleep




Lunch Spot of the Day... Love the Cover

Bill want's to move here

Our stop to cool off



Great Campground in Crazy Woman's Canyon


The rough narrow roads thru the canyon






Looking back to where we came from

Pronghorns... Could only get the Mama and babies from the rear. That...

Returned to our lot with a whole bunch of wild turkeys waiting...

Highway 16W takes you from Buffalo to Yellowstone National Park and is a beautiful scenic highway with a lot of ups and downs and switch backs… We have been across another part of the Big Horn Mountains in 2007 but not this portion before so not only did we want to see the sights, we wanted to check it out for a later trip we will be making form Cody to Buffalo on our way to the Escapades the latter part of August…

Our destination this time was to Ten Sleep, WY… We have heard a lot about this area from Bill’s sister and brother-in-law… They go fishing and camping in their small camper from Casper a lot and we loved the name.. They warned us that it is a lot of long 7% grades and after seeing the size of our house they would not recommend it.. Well that usually doesn’t stop us but the truck that has taken us from the first day we started this adventure to Alaska and back, down to Mexico, across the USA more times then we can count and all the way across every province in Canada including Newfoundland and Labrador has put more than it’s share of miles and like a trusty friend, we feel like it should be babied a bit.. We don’t want to jinx anything by saying that this truck has exceeded our expiations and is still performing top notch but the long pulls uphill (8 miles or more) and then coming down does take it’s toll….

We started out early with the house parked at Deer Park and didn’t go more then a few miles before the scenery kept us ooh and awing… We stopped an most of the pull-outs and took pictures.. It was in the 90’s when we left Buffalo and as we made our way up to the snowline we could feel the air-conditioning going off and heat coming on.. At one point we stopped and walked down to the snow below us.. There were several people making snowballs and having fun but for we former Minnesotans, snow in not in our vocabulary any more… We left them to their fun and continued on our way…

The pictures we took will tell you much more then we can so I hope you enjoy them…

We arrived at 10 sleep in time for lunch.. It is a only about four blocks long in the downtown section but is quite a little town.. We were as curious as most to find out how the name 10 sleep came about and the story goes that the Indians went from point A in Montana to point B in Casper, WY and their writings showed 10 fingers and a tent which meant 10 sleeping nights in between to reach the half way point. How neat is that?

Our return was the same route about half the way but looked entirely different from the other direction… We made a right turn when we came to Crazy Woman’s Canyon and went thru some of the most beautiful scenes and some of the roughest roads that we have been on since Alaska… The Canyon Road was a one lane gravel road but allowed two way traffic.. Those going down the canyon had to give the right of way to those coming up.. We were going down and had trouble several times pulling over for the uphill traffic but we worked it all out and had a wonderful experience.. We are so glad we did this scenic route but will never do it again.. I have talked to people since though that do this trip every year…

We returned to Buffalo just in time to see the movie “The Last Link” which was narrated by Willie Nelson… This film was the story of the Basque people that came over here from The Pyrenees’ mountains in France to take up sheepherding in the USA.. It seems that most of them came to Wyoming, Utah and the mountains of California.. The film showed the running of the sheep through the towns when the shepherds’ went to higher grounds in the summer.. The whole town would come out and they would party and dance with the entire family as participants….. Quite a story and every year fro the last 30 years the Basque people from several states. Got together to keep the heritage alive…

That will be our next story so come on back…….Later…..

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