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Nice campground


Niagara River

Getting close

Grand Island?????

Yesterday the rain pitter-pattered; today it’s heavier and lasting much longer. I don’t think this will end before we leave the campgrounds. Last night we watched RV with Robin Williams after we walked down to the seaway, probably about a mile all told. The temperature is decidedly cooler than we’ve been experiencing so I put on capris (pedal pushers, whatever) and a long sleeved shirt.

It’s really a shame that when most people hear “New York,” they think of the city , not the state. We have seen some absolutely gorgeous parts of this state. The vineyards along Highway 14, the islands here are just two examples. Of course I still wouldn’t want to live here – that lake-effect snow is a killer!

After we turned on I-90, we stopped at Camping World where we purchased a DVD player for the 5th wheel. We had an old VCR that had to hooked up and moved each time we used it. Plus we didn’t have a remote to work it. It was frustrating so we got one that fits perfectly in the space designed for it! Of course, we couldn’t use it tonight since we’re in a Sam’s Club parking lot!

The rain gave way to a beautiful day. The highest temp we saw was 84 degrees so that was nice. We shopped at Sam’s tonight – rotisserie chicken for supper with leftovers for another night! We have a nice breeze here so we should sleep well and cross over into Canada in the morning to visit the falls. We’re planning on riding Maid of the Mist, going up in the Sky Wheel, and eating at the revolving restaurant on top of the Skylon Tower. It’s gonna be a busy day!


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