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I have a crazy burn on my back from the beach the other day. You can see perfectly where my bathing suit strap was and the bow from where I tied it LOL. I went to a shop in town today and bought this amazing cream and I can't even feel it anymore! When I got the cream the lady gave us a whole bunch of free samples and one free full sized eye cream. She also gave us a pretty cool beach tote. She works in the laboratory for the brand so she was promoting it hard!

On our way back from Monte Gordo the other day in our taxi we almost got into this huge accident. I apparently made this hilarious face that everyone is still making fun of me for. The other car was honestly 3 cm away! Scary!!!!

Last night we made dinner at home. We had fresh salmon, with roasted potatoes and grilled zucchini. I have been insisting on cooking the main part and have said I would like to try BBQing. (this is because I seem to be the only one who can use the bb q without burning anything! I even had to take over making the scrambled eggs in the morning lol.

We went to this cute little restaurant / snack bar on the beach after dinner for some drinks and coffee and what not and the place was really cool. What I found so funny was that the place was decorated entirely with ikea furniture and accessories. IKEA is everywhere! We sat right on the beach in these comfy bean bag chairs and played scrabble. It was a nice relaxing night. Except for when we got home!

We were walking up to our house and there was a window open and the front! We immediately all thought someone broke in. We got a flash and went through the house holding flash lights and tito had this black stick thing to hit someone with. Turns out it was the wind! : l But it was definitely scary while it lasted.

Ohhhhhh and I forgot to mention about the craziness that happened on our way back from our coffee in Spain. We were driving home and we saw this guy lying on the side of the road. Mara and her Dad wanted to go check it but from my travels before I was very skeptical and said that it might be a trap and these large scary dudes would jump out from the bushes. Everyone didn't want the bad karma so we pulled over to the closest gas station to let them know. It just so happens that the guy in line was an off duty police officer! Who looked like it was no big deal and said he probably knew who it was. What a coincidence! We got curious so we followed the cop just to see what was going on. From the car it looked like the cop couldn't find a pulse and immediately called for back-up. A couple minutes later we did see his foot twitch so we knew he was alive. As her dad was walking back to the car another car pulled up and told us not to worry because this guy apparently is found lying in the same area every Friday!!!! So Crazy!

Anyway we are about to head out for dinner to this cute beach restaurant place. Everyone is super relaxed. We had a really good sleep today.

When we were in town today we booked the bus for Seville for this Friday! I am sooo excited and so is Rachel! We are going to check out this place where a scene from Star Wars was filmed (episode 1). I have my money belt for spain because you can never be to safe around all those gypsies.

Bon Notte


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