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Me holding a craft she made for me

The boys who always ask for my iPod

Free time during physics

Today was a good day since it was not sweltering hot, it in fact, was raining. Not pouring, just a heavy sprinkle, so we played all our sports outside still and it felt great. I had exponentially more energy today than I had all last week.

The lessons were really uneventful. The kids wanted to take pictures and listen to my iPod when Keith and I finished our physics lesson early. Except today, since it wasn't just shy of a million degrees outside, I didn't look outrageously sweaty in the pictures. Haley and I had the kids play "Red Light, Green Light" during soccer, which they loved. We then let them play keep away since we want to play a real soccer game with them for our last competition at the end of this week.

The food today though, was subpar. It was all pretty strange and it the variety was lacking today. Mealtimes were more hectic today too since Camp 4 started today. That means that there is another set of American coaches, and another set of Vietnamese coaches staying at the site, eating meals with us. It was weird having so many more people around, it meant less fruit, ice, and jars of peanut butter to go around. For the coffee drinkers it also meant latecomers don't get clean cups. Unfortunately for us, Camp 4 coaches were down at breakfast at 6:15am, before most of us were out of bed.

After this past weekend at the beach, my thoughts are consumed with anticipation for extra travel. I am so excited to have control over what I am eat again, and just of my life. Everything is so structured and its the same every day. It will be hard to say goodbye to the kids at the end of the week, but I think I am ready for it, or will be come Sunday.

One of the things I have really been enjoying about the trip though, is that my free time is spent with reading. I have not watched any netflix, tv, or anything since I have been here. I did see the Notebook (my first time) on the long bus ride to the beach, but that is it. I read The Outliers, by Malcom Gladwell (the guy who wrote The Tipping Point, and Blink). It was really interesting and gave me a new perspective on successful people. I have now moved on to Little Bee by Chris Cleave, which I borrowed from Haley and cannot put down. It is a mind blowing story about a Nigerian refugee and an English woman she meets on a beach in Nigeria. I don't want to say much more about the book because there is just too much to explain. After this book I think I will move on to My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler for a lighter read.

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